Reset counter Samsung scx-4600


Reset counter Samsung scx-4600

Why Samsung scx-4600F needs to be reset:

Samsung scx-4600’s cartridge is boxed with a toner chip that was wont to calculate toner coverage and to deliver daring or light-weight output quality reckoning on printer original printout style.
Samsung scx-4600 toner chip contains calculated limitation that was managed by Samsung manufacturer. Following Samsung, if toner coverage is fifth, Samsung scx-4600 toner chip is delivered two.500 – 3.500 pages.
If toner coverage is above ; Toner Page Yields are but “2.500 – 3.500” pages. If toner coverage is below Toner Page Yields are “2.500 – 3.500” pages. that’s the explanation why daring printouts (high toner coverage) can create printer run out of toner quickly.
Once Samsung scx-4600 toner chip overload its calculated limitation, printer are fastened inspire of high toner cartridge.

 When Samsung scx-4600 needs to be reset:

  Samsung scx-4600 printer’s messages: red lightweight blinking, imprinting.
Computer’s messages: empty toner, Replace toner, install toner, finish of life replace new 
cart , toner cartridge isn’t put in, Install the cartridge, toner exhausted.

 Reset Samsung scx-4600 by using software:

Samsung scx-4600’s reset software system prices $10 USD ; cash saving
Reset software system mechanically impacts to printer microcode thus printer ignores paper counter.Therefore, there’s not necessary to alter toner chip, you simply refill toner once it runs out.
Samsung scx-4600’s reset software :
Product name: Samsung scx-4600 reset software system.
Compatible printer: Samsung scx-4600.
Compatible versions: 00f, 01f, 02f, 96f, 98f, 99f.


before resetting Samsung scx-4600:

Determine correct version, serial and crum of Samsung scx-4600 printer.
Printer’s Driver is put in on laptop.
Check the affiliation between laptop and printer to form certain it works well.
Toner chip settled over the cartridge is removed or lined by tapes.
Take away affiliation gates like USB gate, LPT gate from laptop (Except for printer, keyboard, mouse).
ensure the electrical power works well throughout software running method (you ought to use UPS for printer and laptop to stop them from loosing electric power)

How to reset Samsung scx-4600 Printer:

  • 1. Connect laptop to printer by usb cable.
  • 2. flip printer on and wait till it’s prepared for operating.
  • 3. Run “download.bat”(or drag and drop *.hd file to usbprns3.exe file) file on laptop.
  • 4. “download.bat” file program can mechanically run printer’s computer code. once automatic founded method, printer are restarted by itself.
  • 5. Restart printer yet one more time .

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