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Reset Samsung ML-1660/ML-1665 Printer


Reset Samsung ML-1660/ML-1665 Printer

How to reset the counter of printer Samsung ML-1660/ML-1665. i’ve got been facing this issue since the primary toner refill. Once once having it refilled, from the printer look, the inexperienced light-weight was became red & it unbroken blinking since then.
Well.It absolutely was not Associate in Nursing dismaying state of affairs as a result of my printer might still manufacture as several pages as I needed.
However the sole annoying factor was regarding the counter. I detected somewhere once having the particular variety of pages the cartridge’s counter forces the printer to not manufacture any page till or unless it’s refilled. I same « forces » as a result of whether or not the toner is accessible once the particular variety of print outs commonly one thousand pages, it’ll waste the remainder of the toner. 
So, whereas googling around, it absolutely was a full mess on behalf of me to search out out the authentic resolution for this well-known issue. once drinking 2 cups of occasional, & intake 2 meals i used to be finally able to notice the hack for this issue.
There’s nothing you’ll do to force the printer to use the overlooked cartridge while not mend the computer code or getting a brand new cartridge to show the sunshine back to inexperienced


you want to should patch the computer code (You must have it off at your own risk! I will ne’er be damned for any loss or any damage). i’m simply sharing my expertise concerning this issue, that truly worked on behalf of me, is also for you furthermore. i’m having no issue with this patch thus far.
You may follow the steps (written below) to create your Samsung ML-16xx work once more.
Note: (This will resolve the « No Printing » issue).
  • 1. ensure to attach the printer, Samsung ML-1660/ML-1665 to your laptop.
  • 2. absolute confidence for drivers, you need to have those put in into your laptop. 
  • 3. Print report printer. In 164H, press and hold the button for four to 6 seconds. Press the cancel button. till the printer are flashing lights.
  • 4. Now, you’ll take into account the output signal. Currently, we tend to are simply inquisitive about line OS Version. It spelled out the printer code version. sounds like this (OS Version one.01.00.HH)
  • 5. Turning off the pc all USB devices. ensure all of your USB ports are empty except the one connected to the Samsung printer.
  • 6. transfer the file hooked up end extract the files into your laptop.
  • 7. Run the program code f16xx.exe
  • 8. you may be asked concerning 2 choices Original code or Patch ?
  • 9. So, choose the code version and click on the acceptable button. (V.30 patch code during this case)
  • 10. this can appear the DOS window and it’ll run the purpose.


If the points don’t run, it implies that one thing should are wrong with the property between your laptop & printer. So, confirm to attach it properly before making an attempt once more.
  •  when some seconds, the semiconductor diode can glow orange on the printer. this is often quite traditional. when finishing the computer code in 2-3 minutes the setup can restart the printer. you’ll quiet down for this step as a result of for a few reasons it will take a long time to boot.
  • when the printer activates. take away the print cartridge ; seal it with tape or remove the chip. Insert the cartridge into place. 
  • you’re able to roll.

Revised unit behaves as follows

Cartridge with the chip is handled suitably. Prints till the counter isn’t empty.
Over the counter – the device is fastened.
Cartridge while not chip or a sealed chip is treated as a full cartridge. Counter clicks, p.c decrease, whereas the unit doesn’t turn off. If the machine off and on once more it starts everywhere again. once more a full report on the cartridge and counter work.
In the last (Laid here) version fixing boot created in traditional mode. Enabled device, pootmenyali installation of recent devices and loaded the microcode. however, the instruction to prevent jam-pawncked not hurt. For emergency lifting equipment. If one thing went wrong. (The light-weight blinks).

Instructions to prevent jammed! (Boot)

  • 1. Disable supererogatory USB devices, leave solely the mouse.
  • 2. Connect the unit is turned off the pc.
  • 3. Run the BIOS file f16xx.exe
  • 4. The unit click Stop. And don’t head to step seven.!
  • 5. flip the unit on. In 1660/1665 begin button next to the Stop, at 164h – switch.
  • 6. once 2 – 3 seconds the junction rectifier on the printer blinks speedily.
  • 7. unleash the button Stop.
  • 8. choose the device and microcode version and click on the acceptable button. (Say V.30 path firmware)
  • 9. seem dos window and it’ll run the purpose.
  • 10. once some seconds, the junction rectifier glows orange on the printer. this can be traditional. once finishing the microcode in 2-3 minutes can restart the printer. He should rustle engines and settle down.
  • 11. take away the print cartridge. Seal or take away the chip. Insert the cartridge into place.

Download Links:

  • Reset Samsung ML-1660/ML-1665 Printer. Download 

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