How to refill toner mlt-D115L


How to refill toner mlt-D115L

  The Samsung Xpress M2620 series of printers are supported a 27-29 ppm engine (depending on the printer) with a most resolution of 4800 x 600 dpi. the primary page out is declared to be beneath eight.5 seconds.
   The MLT-D115L cartridges don’t  have a in-built  drum cowl. they are available new with a special removable two-piece  plastic  drum cover/shield. This appears to be the new norm for Samsung in this they accustomed use a significant paper with foam pasted to that to shield the drum. This new cowl additionally clips into the bottom of the PCR holders in order that throughout storage, the PCR isn’t touching     the drum. this can facilitate stop flat spots on the PCR.
How to refill toner mlt-D115L
These cartridges have plastic rivets that require to be interrupt, holes trained, and screws put in to carry them back on.
 It’s not a tough method, and it’s lined utterly within the directions.
The toner cartridge (Samsung half # MLT-D115S) is rated for three,000 pages. there’s not a coffee yield cartridge out there for this series. like just about all cartridges nowadays, the cartridge incorporates a chip that should get replaced every cycle. The OEM chips are regional, thus make certain to urge the correct chip for your region.


Xpress SL-M 2620, Xpress SL-M 2670,  Xpress SL-M 2671, Xpress SL-M 2820DW,  Xpress SL-M 2870FW, 
  • 1. Place the cartridge with the handle up and therefore the contact aspect facing towards you. With the chisel blade knife, slice off the heads of the 3 plastic rivets. Leave the tip cap and arm in situ for currently. you will need to custom-grind your chisel blade to induce into the little areas of the rivets. you’ll be able to conjointly use alittle common screwdriver if the sting is sharp.
  • 2. On the drum gear facet finish cap, take the chisel blade knife and slice off the heads of the 3 plastic rivets as was done on the contact facet.
How to refill toner mlt-D115L
  • 3. Take away the drum shaft arm from the contact aspect of the cartridge. To take away it, flip the arm thus it’s facing straight down,  and pull the arm straight intent on take away. There are little tabs on the rear of the arm that are freed and also the arm is straight down. Note that the arm is sealed with associate “R” for the correct aspect.
How to refill toner mlt-D115L
  • 4. whereas still on the contact facet finish cap, find the highest, bottom and front tabs.

Press in on the tabs and take away the top cap.

How to refill toner mlt-D115L
  • 5. On the drum gear finish cap, take away the drum drive gear and also the remaining arm the identical approach because the right facet. flip it to be straight down, and pull it straight out. Press in on the highest tab and bottom tabs, and take away the tip cap. Note that the arm is sealed with Associate in Nursing “L” for the left facet.
How to refill toner mlt-D115L
  • 6. Separate the 2 halves slightly,  and take off the  middle prime cowl.
  • 7. raise abreast of the drum/waste hopper and unencumber both sides from the side tabs. Rotate the waste section so the incurved bottom clips on both sides come back free. take care to carry the drum thus it doesn’t become broken. take away the drum/waste assembly.
How to refill toner mlt-D115L
  • 8. take away the PCR from the assembly.
  • 9. Clean the PCR together with your traditional PCR cleaner.


Don’t clean the OEM PCR with alcohol, as this can take away the semiconducting coating from the roller. If the PCR is associate degree aftermarket, follow the cleansing strategies counseled by the manufacturer. If the PCR is an o.e.m, we tend to suggest it’s clean together with your commonplace PCR cleaner
  • 10. take away the 3 screws from the mechanical device.

Remove the blade by lifting it up slightly and slippery  it out from beneath the PCR holders.

Be careful to not harm the alignment pins!

How to refill toner mlt-D115L
  • 11. rigorously pry off the seal on top of the chip holder within the right aspect of the waste chamber.
How to refill toner mlt-D115L
  • 12. take away the previous chip and install the new one.
  • Make sure the chip fits into the highest slot, which the contacts face out and towards the sting of the chamber.
  • 13. Install the plastic chip cowl. If it’s not protrusive well, you’ll use double-sided tape to carry it in situ. Set the mechanical device seal back in situ. we have a tendency to advocate that you simply glue it go into reverse with atiny low quantity of a thousandth siloxane seal off or adhesive. (Phenoseal or GE works best in our tests).
  • 14. Place atiny low quantity  of semiconducting  grease  in  the  PCR holders, and install the PCR. Note that there’s a spot on the holders for a PCR cleansing roller. they’re not utilized in   the cartridge.
  • 15. the big gear aspect of the drum shaft shaft has conductive  grease thereon. Regardless if you’re commutation the drum or not, clean the previous grease off and replace with new.
How to refill toner mlt-D115L
  • 16. On the availability hopper, rigorously pry out the fill plug and dump out any remaining toner. The fill plug is tough to get rid of because it is recessed.

We have seen each black and orange fill plugs. each are the identical, simply totally different colours

Take atiny low common screwdriver and maneuver it round the edge, lifting slightly till it comes loose.

  • 17. Clean out all  the  remaining  toner  from  the  hopper. watch out to not lose the seal port plug from the facet of     the cartridge. No seals are employed in this cartridge, however the seal port is there. Samsung has put in a foam/plastic seal to hide the port.
How to refill toner mlt-D115L

  • 18. Fill the hopper with toner to be used within the MLT-D115S cartridge, replace the fill plug, and check for leaks.

Some fill plugs are orange in color. they’re same plug, simply a unique color.

  • 19. Place the 2 halves along by setting the wiggly bottom clips into the toner hopper.

Roll the hopper up, so either side of the waste hopper snap into the toner hopper.

  • 20. Slide the center prime cowl. confirm the long lower fringe of the quilt fits beneath the sting of the waste hopper.
  • 21. Install the gear aspect finish cap. Drill 3 tiny holes that correspond to the screw size you’re exploitation within the three plastic rivets that you just removed at the beginning of those directions. Install the 3 screws into the top cap
  • 22. Clean the contacts on the contact finish cap, and replace the semiconducting grease. Snap the top cap into place.
  • 23. Install the contact aspect finish cap and drill 3 little holes that correspond to the screw size you’re exploitation within the plastic rivet posts. Install the 3 screws into the top cap.
  • 24. Install the 2 drum shaft arms as shown. ensure you place the 2 arms on their correct facets: “L” to the contact side, and “R” to the gear facet. they must be put in even as they were removed. Press them in straight up and down, and switch them slightly towards the rear of the cartridge as shown
  • 25. Install the drum drive gear on the gear aspect of the cartridge.


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