How to refill toner cartridge hp 12a


How to refill toner cartridge hp 12a

  Every electrostatic printer is supplied with a toner cartridge that’s instrumental in printing your documents or pictures. it’s not necessary to shop for a replacement toner cartridge since you’ll simply refill electrostatic printer toner yourself by following DIY refill steps.
   Although the toner used here is H.P. twelve A toner, you’ll refill similar toner cartridges of different optical maser printers by following the identical steps.

Step 1

  Place the cartridge on the worktable therefore the drum shutter is facing up and also the drum shaft pin is towards you .

Step 2

  Holding the drum shutter open, use a spring hook to get rid of the stress spring settled next to the non gear facet of the drum .

Step 3

    Using a screwdriver take away the 2 screws hold-ing the drum bearing hub to the cartridge . take away the hub. left side.

Step 4

 Holding the drum shutter open, carry the drive gear finish of the drum faraway from the cartridge. Rotate the drum count-er clock-wise whereas propulsion the drum off the contact shaft on the alternative facet of the cartridge.

Step 5

    Using needle nose pliers take away the PCR from the cartridge .
Clean the PCR employing a delicate soap and water.

Step 6

With a bent extraction tool push the car-tridge pin out from the within of the car-tridge

Step 7

Using diagonal cutters pull the cartridge pins out from the either side of the cartridge .

Step 8

Separate the 2 sections of the cartridge . Set the toner hopper aside.

Step 9

Remove the drum shutter tension spring .

Step 10

Using a Philips screwdriver take away the 2 screws holding the wiper . take away the wiper.

Step 12

  Clean the waste hopper exploitation dry com-pressed air or a vacuum. Clean the PCR saddle contact with alcohol and a swab.

Step 13

  Apply artifact powder to the used or new wiper. Install the blade onto the waste hopper and install the 2 screws that hold the blade in situ .

Step 14

Apply semiconductive grease to the PCR con-tact (black) saddle. Install the clean PCR into the saddles .

Step 15

  Apply artefact powder to the drum. whereas rotating the drum counter clock-wise, slide the drum onto the contact shaft.

Step 16

 Install the drum bearing hub onto the aspect of the cartridge. Install the 2 screws that hold the hub in situ.

Step 17

Slide the drum shutter over the waste hopper and place the shutter into its cradles.

Step 18

Reinstall the tension spring onto the drum shutter .

Step 19

Set the waste hopper aside during a pro-tected space.

Step 20

Remove the screw holding the gear finish cap to the toner hopper . take away the top cap.

Step 21

Remove the 3 gears from the aspect of the toner hopper, feat the toner hopper mischief-maker gear .

Step 22

   Rotate the cartridge 180°. take away the screw holding the contact finish cap to the toner hopper . take away the tip cap.

Step 23

 Lift out the magazine roller. take away the magazine roller bushings from the ends of the roller .

Step 24 

    Clean the magazine roller initial victimization dry com-pressed air or a vacuum. Then clean the roller employing a lint free material and a magazine roller cleaner.

Step 25

   Remove the 2 screws holding the doctor blade to the toner hopper . take away the white hand tool from the top of the blade, and take away the doctor blade. Clean the doctor blade employing a lint free material and DI water.

Step 26 

Remove the doctor blade waterproofing finish foams from either side of the toner hopper .

Step 27

    Place the toner hopper gear end cap on to the toner hopper install the screw that holds the end cap in place.

NOTE:The magazine roller drive gear should sit properly within the tip cap .

Step 28

Install the cartridge tension spring next to the drum contact hub .

Step 29

Test cartridge.


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