How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge


How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge

  The horsepower LaserJet professional M102 series of printers relies on a monochrome 23ppm, 600 DPI engine (1200 DPI with horsepower quick Res). the primary page out is explicit  to be below seven.3 seconds, and every one “W” models to date include Wi-Fi, Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint, and Google Cloud Print a pair of.0 built in.
    All machines free to date come back commonplace with 128Mb memory and have a requirement cycle of ten,000 pages per month.
    This engine may be a huge modification for horsepower Monochrome printers therein there are separate Toner and Drum cartridges. usually HP/Canon have used “all-in-one” kind cartridges for monochrome printers. each the toner and drum cartridges are tiny and not rated for several pages therefore although this can be sold-out as a coffee volume machine, we tend to believe there’ll be a good demand for the cartridges. The toner is already listed because the preferred new unharness on Amazon. The cartridges are easy and quick to remanufacture.
   This series of machines has options for the user to line, known as « Cartridge Policy » and « Cartridge Protection. » Cartridge Policy once enabled can solely enable real horsepower cartridges to be used. Cartridge Protection locks a cartridge to a particular printer therefore it can’t be employed in another. each of those options are off by default.
    There are 2 cartridges during this engine: the toner (CF217A), and also the drum cartridge (CF219A). The toner is rated for one,600 pages, and also the drum unit is rated for twelve,000 pages. The starter toner cartridge that comes with the printer is rated for 760 pages.
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
  • 1. Place the cartridge with the handle facing up. take away the 2 screws on the proper aspect finish cap.
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
  • 2. Press in on the underside tab and thoroughly pry off the tip cap. Work the tip cap from multiple sides. there’s a plastic post that has to snap before the tip cap can return off.

NOTE: The magnetic roller assembly can return off with the tip cap.

How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
  • 3. take away the 2 doctor blade screws. Note that the proper facet screw encompasses a left thread! Keep this screw aside during a safe place in order that upon re-assembly you recognize wherever it’s.
  • 4. take away the doctor blade.
  • 5. Clean out any remaining toner from the provision chamber.
  • 6.Be careful to wash developer roller seals.
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
  • 6. If any toner got onto the blue doctor blade seal, clean it with isopropanol and a foam swab. we have a tendency to don’t advocate employing a cotton sort swab as they’ll leave threads of cotton behind which might cause a leak.
  • 7. Fill the cartridge with toner approved to be used within the power unit LaserJet professional M102 series of printers.
  • 8. Install the doctor blade and 2 screws.
  • Remember that the correct facet screw contains a hand thread.
  • 9. take away the magnet from within the magnetic roller sleeve.
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
  • 10. Insert the magnet into the slotted bushing on the left facet of the cartridge.
  • 11. Clean the magnetic roller sleeve with an infatuated magnetic roller cleaner.
  • 12. Slide the sleeve over the magnet and press the tip cap in situ.
  • Make sure the underside tab snaps in situ.
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
  • 13. Install the 2 screws within the finish cap. ensure the underside screw fits into the post. It’s straightforward to own the tip cap slightly misaligned and miss the post.
  • 14. Check to create positive the 2 elastic device arms move freely.
How to refill hp 17a toner cartridge
  • 15. Replace the chip by pressing down on the lockup tabs and slippy the chip out.

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