Hp laserjet m1522nf fix crash


Hp laserjet m1522nf fix crash

  After my HP  printer died simply once his warrantee amount I sought for an answer what to try to to to revive it. once reportable to HP. they wished to charge €350 to repair the printer, that is round the same quantity a replacement printer would value, besides that I had to ship to whole large printer to them. once looking out the web for another you may notice lots of individuals with the identical drawback victimisation this printer series however not a lot of clear solutions.
  This write-up can describe how to repair the HP. LaserJet M1522 series printer. whereas this concept isn’t new I wished to make a straightforward to follow summary to repair this printer rather than a “just bake the formatter board”. I hope this write-up are handy for a few of the individuals out there with the identical drawback. whereas this write-up is specializing in the H.P. LaserJet M1522 MFP printer i might expect the identical approach to figure on different faulty hardware.
  The problem with the H.P. LaserJet M1522 printer series looks to be a faulty formatter board. Since this drawback exists during a heap of units you’d expect H.P. to require care of this and have their individuals familiar concerning the issues with this unit. but once contacting H.P. they’re going to quite doubtless don’t have any plan what’s wrong with the unit, a minimum of that was my expertise.

   The symptoms of a faulty formatter board are among the following:

  • The printer looks to show off fully out of itself
  • The printer hangs once booting up
  • The printer desires a pair of resets before it’ll boot properly
  • The printer won’t activate any longer the least bit
   Usually the issues with the formatter board can intensify over time till the instant the printer won’t do something the least bit any longer. The show of the printer can most likely display the messages “Initializing…” and “Hewlett-Packard ” whereas is hanging throughout the boot cycle:


  The problems with the formatter board appear to be caused by unhealthy solder connections, that the method we have a tendency to are visiting fix this is often by ‘baking’ the formatter board. This write-up can take you thru the steps you would like to require to repair the printer by baking the formatter board. the sole draw back to the current approach is that this fix only lasted for six months on behalf of me once that I had to bake the formatter board once more.


This write-up is simply for your data, i’m not to blame for what you are doing along with your printer. detain mind that this is often Fringe-IT which unsure you ought to simply purchase a replacement printer and leave comes like this to people that have a concept regarding what they’re doing.
  Find the screw settled at the proper aspect of the rear of the printer as shown within the image below. This screw is that the just one we want to unscrew to be able to take the left aspect of the printer off, thus lets take away it.
   After removing the screw we are able to pop open the aspect panel, but there’s atiny low latch at the underside of the printer that you wish to press for a straightforward unleash. See the image below for the tiny latch.
After pop off the facet panel we will already see the fomatter board, we tend to see 2 boards and therefore the larger one on prime is that the formatter:
  Since we’d like to figure on this formatter we’ll should grasp disconnected from the remainder of the printer. the primary factor to try and do is to disconnect all the ribbons and connectors shown within the image below.

   After disconnecting all connections from on top of it’s time to get rid of the 5 screws holding the formatter board in its place:
  After removing the five screws the formatter board will simply be taken out of the printer. Before we are able to bake the formatter board we must always take away the on-board battery from it. it’s quite doubtless the battery won’t take the warmth from the baking thus well. The battery is found within the prime right corner of the formatter board as may be seen below. listen to its orientation, you most likely don’t wish to attach it back the incorrect approach around.
When turning the formatter board over you’ll be able to see the 2 solder connections of the battery. the simplest thanks to desolder the battery is by heating the solder and suction it away with a solder sucker.
   Because we have a tendency to don’t need to possess the formatter board touching any a part of the kitchen appliance we’ll produce some tiny stands for it to face on. the simplest thanks to do that is to urge some foil and make tiny stands like shown on the image below.
  The tin foil stands are pushed through the holes of the screws of the formatter board and once this the board is prepared to be place within the kitchen appliance.
  Make sure that the formatter board isn’t touching any a part of the kitchen appliance, this may cause heating or melting bound components of the formatter board.
  We ought to pre-heat the kitchen appliance on one hundred eighty degrees uranologist (about 350 degrees Fahrenheit) two hundred degrees Celsius (about four hundred degrees Fahrenheit) Update: Julius Rahmandar commented that the temperature should be a small amount higher (from 180°C to 200°C) and this so appears to figure a bit higher. once pop the formatter board within the kitchen appliance it’s time to ‘bake’ it for eight minutes (also on two hundred degrees Celsius). in fact rather than baking the board you’ll most likely additionally pop it in to the microwave for a brief moment, however i might advise against that 😉
   After these eight minutes we must always let the formatter board relax for ages, be warned that the formatter board are going to be quite hot. once the formatter board has cooled down it’s time to scan this write-up backwards and follow all the steps to place the printer back along. So, take away the tin foil stands, solder back the battery, screw the formatter board back in to the printer, reconnect all the wires and ribbons and place the casing back.
Turn on your printer and if you’re lucky it ought to be operating again!

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