How to fix fuser error HP p2015


How to fix fuser error HP p2015

     The following is common error fuser unit HP laserjet p2015 printer. Errors sometimes shown on good panel of laptop connected immediate with printer or digital display standing of printer.
  • Over heat error (error code 68)
  • Low heat error (error code 62)
  • Open heat error (error code 60)
  This is main parts of fuser unit include: Themistor, thermostat, heat roller … the subsequent is diagram of fuser unit:
How to fix fuser error HP p2015
   So a way to fix Over heat error, Low heat error, Open heat error cycle power of power unit HP p2015 printer? the solution is correct below.

Introduction fuser unit of HP laserjet p2015  printer:

  • Fuser unit is that the elements can’t be missing of electrostatic printer.
  • the placement of fuser unit at the paper exit space of printer.
  • The fuser unit have warmth, straightforward to cause burns if touched whereas the machine is printing.
  horsepower LJ-p2015 together with components: group lamp, thermistor, thermostat, heat roller, heat device.

The function of fuser unit :

  • thermal resistor bar (or group lamp) of fuser clusters created temperatures up to one hundred eighty * C for fusing toner powder. together with the impact of pressure rollers will facilitate toner powder to the paper.
  • The system rollers over / beneath of fuser unit reverse rotate of pushing paper through fuser and move out of printer, the writing is complete.

Signs of fuser unit printer HP laserjet p2015 is faulty :

  • On the written image is lose toner after you use rubbing.
  • The written image quality is loose toner (Poor fusing).
  • The print was wrinkled, torn damaged …
  • Printer doesn’t not print, on the standing window of pc or printer alphanumeric display screen (if it have) one amongst messages: Open heat, Over Heat, Heating error, low heat, fuser error …

The following is a few introduction, How to repair fuser unit error of HP laserjet p2015:

How to fix(repair) Low heat error HP p2015 ?

    Low heat error is downside occur once temperature of fuser unit lower temperature convention
Phenomenons occur error “Low heat error” on horsepower p2015 printer are:
when receiving a print command, the printer doesn’t print. On the standing window or liquid crystal display monitor (if it have) of printer shown on message: “Low heat error cycle power”
  This error is expounded to the fusing assembly. The follwing are the foremost common issues that may cause a coffee heat error. and the way to repair error:
Cycle the ability.
Error occur once printer within the operate process and also the power supply is missing suddenly.
Typically a straightforward cycle power supply can resolve this error.
Connect power line of printer direct with outlet on the wall. as a result of too several devices connected along in a very circuit can creating this error occur
Check the temperature of the fuser unit.
  Take away fuser unit out of frame of printer then check for on the thermostat and warmth roller.
If the gear is worn, spring is break, pressure roller has error. you ought to replace the fuser unit HP p2015.
take away the thermal resistor elements of the fuser unit and clean it. significantly is you need to confirm it secure with the new roller.
  The contacts between the electrodes on the edges of the warmth roller aren’t creating an honest association. You shoud cleansing all contact then hear to print. If still error, you wish replace heat roller.
If error isn’t clear then you ought to replace the fuser unit.

How to fix(repair) Open heat error HP LJ-p2015?

   The Open heat error occur once once warming up, it’s been under 60*C over thirty five seconds and on the staus window of pc or liquid crystal display screen of printer (if it have) shown on message: “ENGINE FUSER ERROR”
  This error is that the common errors of H.P. LJ-p2015 printer. once fuser over heat, is one or each of the thermostats on the highest of the fuser unit can open. Normally, once the fuser unit is cool go into reverse, the thermostat is meant to shut. and so once activate the printer, it’ll work as traditional. However, it doesn’t work properly. The unit cools go into reverse however the thermostat fails to shut make a copy. during this article, i guide you solve drawback while not replace fuser unit
take away fuser unit.
   Take away components: fusing assembly and thermostat out of fuser unit.
 Check the thermostat?
If it’s continuity then thermostat has not drawback.
    Conversely, live across the individual thermostats to search out that one is open. If you isolate the matter kid take a will of air and hold it the wrong way up
   You provide the front of the thermostat, processing of extraordinarily cold air then attempt check the thermostat for continuity another time. If it’s continuity, then install it and at last the fuser unit come printer. If the warmth rollers haven’t unfrozen along you fastened error.
   When thermostat has fastened, the printer still shown on message error then the matter is occur at grouping lamp or association problem.
   You can check continuity across of grouping lamp, if it have drawback then replace grouping lamp.
whereas you’ve got the fuser out, you ought to check the condition of the unit. Finding scratches on surface of warmth roller wherever the thermal resistor and decide fingers may have worn away the surface. Check for a crooked or wrinkled surface on the pressure roller and also the gears out. If there’s a controversy cannot be solve, you ought to replace pressure roller and warmth roller.

How to fix(repair) Over heat error HP LJ-p2015?

   This error occur once it’s been more than 230*C over ten seconds.
When your printer occurt Over heat error, the written page are going to be seem ghost happens at eighty two or ninety two millimeter intervals and on the standing window of coputer shown on: Over heat error.
Unplug the ability wire and plug it back in. If the matter persists, replacement to the Fuser Unit.

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