Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner


Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner

This chip manages the utilization of toner by creating associate estimate of its consumption. this is often really simply a memory related to the cartridge. The motherboard of the printer inscribes knowledge as and once printing.
This memory is of sort EEPROM that’s to mention that it’s electrically programmable which it keeps the info (a bit sort of a USB key).
The computer circuit is that the EEPROM it’s a 34C02.
Those who are aware of it can notice the datasheet at this address AT34C02.
It is additional or less the equivalent of a 24C02 with write protection on the low 0.5 (0000-003F).
The communication protocol is I2C.

How to read the contents of the memory for Reset Samsung chip:

we need a 220v / 5v DC adapter, a cable, a DB9 RS232 feminine socket, a canopy for this socket, resistors and zener diodes and software package.
The written material are this one:
Resistors and zener diodes are soldered to the connexion within the DB9 industry.
You need two resistors 4k7, two zener diodes of five.1V, a DB9 feminine fastening and a hand tool.

Here is the wiring diagram for Reset Samsung chip:

Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner
You need two resistors 4k7, two zener diodes of five.1V, a DB9 feminine fastening and a hand tool.

Here is the wiring diagram for Reset Samsung chip:

Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner
Try to solder the parts on to the DB9. they will slot in the socket cowl house.
Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner


  I use Ponyprog2000 that is free opensource computer code. you’ll be able to transfer it at the subsequent address:
Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner
At the launch of Ponyprog, the primary factor to try is to calibrate the program. Follow the steps
2 select « serial »
3 select COM1 (if you simply have a DB9 output on your PC)
4 OK … the I / O port setup window closes
5 Click Setup …. select « Calibration » … the window affirmative or No opens … Click « Yes » then « OK »
Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner
Position your probe on the cartridge …. Click on the icon one .. (Reading the chip to the computer) .. if all goes well you ought to have one thing like this: (the knowledge are currently within the laptop, you’ll take away the probe from the cartridge)
Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner
If you are doing not have FF within the higher half attend « special cases » below
How to modification these values to reset this cartridge? 
We will set of these values to 00 and bluff the printer by dynamical the serial variety of the cartridge from 06083178388 to 06083178389 (for me) .Make +1 on your variety
To make him believe that this is often a replacement
To change the information it’s necessary:
1) Click on « Edit »
2) Click at the start of the computer memory unit to edit
3) Enter the new values (in our case 00 all over except at thirty-nine for my S / N)
4) Replace the probe on the cartridge and click on on the icon four.This has the result of writing the new information from the pc to the memory.
5) place the cartridge back to the printer.
Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner


On power up, the printer can notice that a replacement magenta cartridge that it doesn’t apprehend the « serial number » is inserted.It thus goes into toner boot mode by printing the same old document.
Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner
Here are the new properties of the printer with one thousandth magenta. currently simply reload the toner cartridge
Reset Samsung CLP 300 chip toner


The serial range should be modified anytime the toner is refilled (for every color) as a result of the printer remembers the last number used. Save the Ponyprog file you manually modified to use it directly next time (by dynamical the S /NOT).

Special cases

At the time of purchase, the printer is supplied with start-up cartridges. The printer’s counter is at zero. As before long because the printer has created between 1500 and 2000 black copies and / or 800 to one thousand color copies, the chip cartridges will be reprogrammed. Once past this range of copies the printer grid the chip that makes the cartridge unusable.
We can see directly if the chip is burned by reading its contents. you must have this in reading (there are double the identical registration).
Nevertheless, I already managed to recover such a chip with Ponyprog. attempt filling within the 000000 to 000043 space of « FF » whereas doing beneath ponyprog.
1) Edit …. Edit buffer modify
2) Utility …. Fill Buffer
3) within the window « From » leave 0x0000
4) within the window « To » write 0x0043
5) Leave 0xFF in « Value » ….. do OK
6) place the probe on the cartridge build the purpose four seen higher than (writing from the pc to the chip)
7) build a replacement reading of the chip … if you’ve got « FF » it’s sensible. within the opposite case your chip is grilled …. and your cartridge. (It remains however an answer by plugging on the motherboard see further)

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