Samsung CLP-365w Drum Unit Reset


Samsung CLP-365w Drum Unit Reset

This article describes the way to get your Samsung printer operating once more while not allotting a fortune for a replacement Imaging unit. If you only wish to grasp the way to do bonk, skip to the subsequent step, the remainder of this step is simply a proof of however I patterned this out! Note that this worked for my CLP-365w printer however it’s going to work for different similar Samsung models too. it’ll definitely work for any printer that uses the CLT-R406 imaging unit however i think all of them use an analogous technique to reset the page count.
  Samsung turn out a awfully nice vary of domestic optical maser printers for the house, they’re quite low-cost too. However, they need built in some crafty ways in which to create cash. All of the consumables for these printers (toners and therefore the image drum) have to get replaced once the unit tells you, otherwise the printer won’t print. thus whether or not you manually refill the toner cartridge, the printer still « thinks » it’s empty and can refuse to print. i’m not visiting cowl manual toner replacement here however there are lots of guides around.

  The other « consumable » on these printers is that the thus referred to as « Imaging unit ». It’s a drum that is an important part in any electrostatic printer and it’s wont to transfer ink to the page within the printing. To be fair, this part may be a expendable, it’ll wear out eventually inflicting indistinct or patterned pages etc.

  These Samsung printers have a form of printing « odometer » that records what number pages are written exploitation this imaging unit. They even have a inbuilt arduous coded period of time of concerning 5000 pages (i suppose…).
  Thus once we tend to hit this page count, the red light-weight of death illuminates on your printer and that we get a stunning message voice communication « Warning, prepare new imaging unit ». initially i assumed, « ohhh its ok, it’s simply a warning,
  I’ll continue printing till it extremely wants replacing » – wrong. The printer virtually won’t print something till you replace the imaging unit.
  So, I look on-line – wow £75! What a rip off! The ink cartridges for this stuff value a bomb (so way i’ve got simply paid up however i will be able to in all probability begin replacement soon) but this is often starting to take the p*ss I thought!
  I decided to require the Imaging unit out and examine it – surprise surprise, it looked good, not one blemish or mark, hardly any dirt (not positive what a tired one appears like to be truthful, however this looked fresh to me).
Also, the pages written before this were good likewise, there as ne’er any sign of degradation.
  A quick google search reveals several places providing to sell you a « reset chip » for around £15 with directions, it’s like magic, you simply unfold it, plug it onto the imaging unit, shut
the lid associate degreed taadaa! The printer « thinks » you’ve bought a shiney new imaging unit an with happiness prints away.

  I was close to enter my card range and be finished it then again I watched the instruction video and took a more in-depth look, I might see that this « reset chip » was extremely simply a 30p resistance stuck to a chunk of plastic. Cunningly, all of the photo’s and videos of those chips appear to point out it coated in an exceedingly black lacquer thus you can’t see the colored ribbons on them. in fact they’ve coated this up, they wouldn’t wish their very little secret obtaining out! Well sorry guys, i do know your game! These folks are virtually as dangerous as Samsung, packaging a 30p resistance up and commerce it for 15!

After a touch of analysis, I discover however this stuff work. The imaging unit encompasses a tiny removable plastic housing with two resistors in, one 200k ohm, and one a lot of weaker 56ohm liquified kind resister, in parallel. once it 1st powers up, the printer detects a coffee resistance.

The printer passes a current tho’ the drum unit and therefore the tiny « fuse » resistance blows. From currently on, once the printer powers on, it solely detects the 200k resister thus it is aware of this is often not a brand new drum therefore the printer counts all the written pages from currently on.

Two years down the road, we tend to hit the atomic number and therefore the printer stops operating as a result of it « thinks » the drum is currently useless. thus you move out and purchase a brand new drum, it’s the identical two resistors within, solely the smaller one isn’t blown.

You plug it in, the printer sees a coffee resistance once more, it is aware of there’s a brand new drum, so it resets the page count so blows the new fuse and therefore the cycle repeats. Now, if rather than shopping for a brand new drum unit we tend to simply replace the fuse, we will « trick » the printer into thinking we’ve a brand new drum unit. Simple. this is often specifically what the 15 kits do, they’re merely a brand new 56ohm amalgamate resistance that you stick across the terminals.

  Open up your printer and find the imaging unit. On my printer, it had been at the underside, below all of the toner cartridges.

Notice on the front of the Imaging unit alittle black plastic housing with two copper terminals on that. it’s removable, and so it is!

Once you’ve got set the fuse housing, pry it out.I used alittle flat headed screw driver Careful to not break something currently.
  Take a glance within the fuse housing. it’ll either have one or 2 resistance parts.
Older articles and guides show it having 2, however mine solely had one. i assume it doesn’t want a fuse once it’s 1st factory-made as a result of the page count is already zero. At some purpose Samsung stopped mill fitting the second resistance.
  Either way, it’ll positively have a 200k Ohm resistance and optionally a blown liquified fifty six ohm resistor. If you would like, you’ll take away the blown fuse resistance (if you can establish it). It doesn’t matter if you permit it in situ tho’.
  Source a replacement fifty six {56}ohm electrical device. I sourced a regular electrical device instead of a liquid kind. (This manner I will apply it persistently to reset the page count.)
  You should be able to get the electrical device from Associate in Nursing RS or Maplin (Radio Shack within the United States of America maybe?) for regarding thirty pence otherwise you might order one on-line. euphemism you’ll most likely salvage one from a broken device – of course thusme have rumored this DIY fix operating with 47ohm resistors – so if you are doing try and salvage one, it’d simply be that you just want a awfully weak electrical device, not specifically a fifty six {56} ohm
We need to induce that new resistance in there with the 200k ohm in short and power the printer on. I suppose you may solder it in for good, this may essentially reset the page count each time the printer activates.
  however this can be designed to be a melted  resistance that blows, therefore I don’t apprehend if there’s any considerations regarding this element heating if you are doing that. In my case, I simply rammed it within the housing roughly and twisted the element legs round the existing one to create a affiliation. within the image, the blue resistance is that the fifty six ohm one.

Now plug the fuse housing back in and power on the printer. Taadaa! It takes a long time however it’ll reset and therefore the red lightweight will venture out. Congratulations, you simply bought new Imaging unit for thirty pence.

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