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HP’s Latest Firmware Update Causes Printer Issues, Again


HP Assures They Are Actively Addressing the Issue

A recent firmware update has caused significant problems for several HP OfficeJet printer models, rendering them non-functional for an extended period. According to a report by Bleeping Computer, this unintended consequence of the update has left users unable to print, with their printers displaying an error message accompanied by a blue screen.

The HP support forums are currently flooded with complaints from users whose printers have ceased to operate, showcasing the error code « 83C0000B. » This issue has been ongoing since as early as May 8 and appears to particularly affect OfficeJet 902x printer owners.

Previously, an HP representative on the forum had suggested that the error might be linked to a « printer’s head issue. » However, according to Bleeping Computer’s report, the problem actually stems from a firmware update released in May.

On May 12, an HP customer shared on the support forum that they had spoken with Customer Service, who confirmed that it’s a firmware error affecting users worldwide. The customer also mentioned that there wouldn’t be any updates until May 16, so there was nothing to be done at that moment.

HP, in response, informed the publication that a « limited number » of users were impacted. However, support threads reveal that the issue has reached numerous customers across different countries, including the US, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Poland.

HP responds

Allegedly, HP has communicated to its customers that they would resolve or rectify the issue on different dates within the month. However, an official solution has not been issued yet, leaving customers unable to print.

The delayed responses and commitments to resolve the issue on dates that have already passed have led to evident frustration among customers, causing some to reconsider their choice of HP products.

Another bad look for HP printers

It’s quite troublesome for customers when their printers turn into inoperable devices for extended periods. Normally, when you want to print something, you require the output immediately, not whenever HP decides to resolve its firmware problems. Additionally, HP has already eroded much of the goodwill it had when it comes to sudden firmware updates disrupting customers’ experiences. Now, some individuals are running out of patience.

The exact reason behind the firmware update that caused HP printers to malfunction remains unclear. The support pages for the 9020e and 9025e printer series emphasize the use of HP’s contentious Dynamic Security feature. This system is employed by HP to prevent printers from functioning with ink cartridges not made by HP, which has led to the abrupt invalidation of significant quantities of ink.

HP officially states that it employs « Dynamic Security measures to safeguard the quality of the customer experience, maintain the integrity of our printing systems, and protect our intellectual property. » However, since its introduction in 2016, it has sparked class-action lawsuits and angered customers who found themselves with perfectly functional ink cartridges that HP had deemed incompatible.

HP’s Dynamic Security documentation highlights that printers with this feature require periodic firmware updates to « sustain Dynamic Security effectiveness. » These updates are intended to enhance printer functionality, provide protection against security threats, and serve other purposes.

The sole way for users to have circumvented this issue was to disconnect their printer from the internet, a recommendation from HP until the problem is resolved. This situation reflects poorly on automatic firmware updates, which are meant to assure customers that their devices will remain secure and operational with minimal effort.

HP’s mishandling of printer firmware updates could discourage users from installing future updates, even those that may be critical. Consequently, HP has left many customers with a negative experience, causing them to think twice before relying on an HP printer again.

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