Samsung CLP-320/325 Firmware Fix Solution and reset

Summary of Samsung CLP-320/325 Firmware Fix Solution and reset


Resolve Samsung CLP-320/325 Printer Issues: Low Toner, Toner Depleted, Replace Toner/Stop, Install New Cartridge, Repair New Cartridge, Ready Toner, End of Life – Replace New Cartridge, Depleted Toner, Error with Blinking Red Light.

Samsung CLP-320N Firmware Solution involves the reprogramming of the printer’s firmware by rewriting the permanent memory data. This enables the use of refilled cartridges in your printer, eliminating the need to replace the toner cartridge, perform a hard reset, or resort to a factory reset.

  • Firmware Versions Supported: 19f, 34f, 36f, 38f, 43f, 44f, 46f.
  • Applicable Printer Model: Samsung CLP-320/325.
  • Compatible Cartridges: CLT-K4072S, CLT-C4072S, CLT-M4072S, CLT-Y4072S.

What necessitates a reset for the Samsung CLP-320/325:

  • The Samsung CLP-320N / 325 printer employs a toner chip within its cartridge, which serves the purpose of assessing toner coverage and determining whether to produce bold or light printouts based on the original design of the print job.
  • This toner chip, embedded in the Samsung CLP-320N, is equipped with predetermined limitations set by the manufacturer, Samsung. According to Samsung’s specifications, if the toner coverage is set at 5%, the toner chip in the Samsung CLP-320N can yield between 1,500 to 4,500 pages.
  • However, if the toner coverage exceeds 5%, the actual page yield will fall below the range of « 1,500 to 4,500 » pages. Conversely, if the toner coverage is below 5%, the page yield remains within the « 1,500 to 4,500 » page range. This explains why printers tend to run out of toner quickly when printing bold documents with high toner coverage.
  • When the toner chip in the Samsung CLP-320N surpasses its predetermined limit, the printer becomes locked, regardless of the toner cartridge’s actual toner level.

Instances when a reset is required for the Samsung CLP-320N:

  • Samsung CLP-320N printer indications: red light blinking, printing in progress.
  • Messages on the computer: low toner, depleted toner, replace toner/stop, insert a new cartridge, repair new cartridge, prepare toner, time to replace the new cartridge, toner exhausted, and a red light blinking error.

Methods to resolve the Toner Error on the Samsung CLP-320N:

Replace the toner cartridge with a new one:

Summary of Samsung CLP-320/325 Firmware Fix Solution and reset

Replace the toner chip with a new one:

Summary of Samsung CLP-320/325 Firmware Fix Solution and reset

Reset the Samsung CLP-320N through Firmware Correction:

Summary of Samsung CLP-320/325 Firmware Fix Solution and reset

Introduction to the reset software for Samsung CLP-320N:

Precautions to consider prior to resetting the Samsung CLP-320N:

Determine the correct version, serial number, and CRUM (Cartridge Memory) details for the Samsung CLP-320N printer.

Before proceeding with the firmware reprogramming, please ensure that the device is correctly installed on your computer.

It is of utmost importance that you do not, under any circumstances, remove the chip from the cartridge while reprogramming the firmware. Once you have successfully reprogrammed the printer, you can safely remove the chip from the cartridge and store it securely (consider this chip as a key). In all cartridges intended for use in the printer, the chip must either be removed or sealed. If, by accident, you insert a new cartridge without removing the chip, the device will become locked. To unlock it, you can utilize the stored chip as a key to regain access to the printer.

Additionally, ensure that all other devices (except for the mouse and keyboard) connected to your computer via USB or LPT ports are disconnected. It is advisable to have the computer connected to an uninterruptible power source (UPS) because if there are any power interruptions during the reprogramming process, it can lead to errors that render the device inoperable.

This firmware will be directly installed on your printer. Before accessing the firmware link, confirm that the printer is powered on, connected to your computer, and that printer drivers are correctly installed.

Please be aware that the reprogramming of the firmware will result in the loss of the manufacturer’s warranty.

How to Execute Firmware Correction for Samsung CLP-320N:

 Summary of Samsung CLP-320/325 Firmware Fix Solution and reset

  • Link the printer to the computer and power it up.
  • Wait until the printer is in a ready state.
  • Move and release the *.hd file onto the usbprns2.exe file.
  • The reprogramming procedure initiates automatically.
  • Allow the printer to undergo reprogramming (typically 10-20 minutes) and reboot.
  • Once the reprogramming operation is completed, restart the printer.

 Summary of Samsung CLP-320/325 Firmware Fix Solution and reset

Download Firmware Reset for Samsung CLP-320N


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